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A mockup of a spread of a medical book showing the steps of an endarterectomy surgery.


Hromi Biomedical illustrates textbook covers, designs page layouts, and creates full cohesive sets of illustrations for your entire publication. 

A trifold brochure showing information about Wellsom oral solutions.


Beautifully crafted brochures, postcards, booklets, and more. Services include layout design and creation of all illustrations and graphic elements contained therein. 

An infographic showing a coronal view of a human brain, the outline of the head, and electrode placement.


Beautiful custom illustrations and graphics will set your work apart from the mases and effectively explain and strengthen your proposal. 

An infographic mockup hanging with bulldog clips from tacks on a wall. The infographic shows different facts about uterine fibroids and racial disparity. There are cartoonish illustrations throughout the infographic as well: a group of four women of various races, a Black woman doubled over with abdominal pain, and icons of patient forms, prescription bottles, a drop of blood, and an outline of a woman's body.


Graphical abstracts are a useful tool to enhance your work, helping readers quickly gain an overview of your scholarly paper, journal article, thesis, or review. 

An editorial illustration of two dark-skinned hands holding various forms of birth control, with other birth control options on the surface in the background.


Hromi Biomedical produces visually striking and sophisticated editorial images that will sharpen the impact and draw readers’ attention to the contents of the journal.

A diagram of all the different blood cell types. White blood cells are across the top row, and the bottom row includes a red blood cell, platelets, and macrophage. Under each illustration is a short explanation of each cell's functions and characteristics.


Provide resources for patient education, showcase your work at professional conferences, or provide visual educational tools for your classroom. Poster services include illustration, graphics, and layout design.

An illustration showing a light-skinned person with sagittal XY reproductive anatomy revealed, including a Barrigel HA spacer placed in the space between the prostate and rectum.


Hromi Biomedical creates illustrations for all digital display purposes, as well as branded slide deck designs for compelling and professional presentation of your lecture, demonstration, or defense. 

A cartoonish illustration of three doctors of various genders and races. The illustration is highly stylized, and all the doctors have the same featureless caricature faces and bodies.


Hromi Biomedical creates stunning illustrations, diagrams, and icons so you can showcase your work on the web. Custom banners, backgrounds, or simple standalone images will make your web content stand out. 

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