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The services offered by Hromi Biomedical take a few different forms.

When discussing and pricing out a job for a client, the full project or different parts of the project will fall into three broad categories: medical illustration, design, or general creative services. Read below to understand the differences between the three, and what sort of work may fall under each.

1. Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is perhaps the most straightforward service, and covers any illustrative artwork used for scientific or medical purposes. This may include figures for a textbook, artwork for a book or journal cover, illustrations used in a presentation or on a website, images used in advertising materials, surgical illustrations, and much more. Several different styles may be used for an illustration, depending on your needs, budget, and timeline. Read more about different illustration styles on the FAQ page.

2. Design

Design services may include layout and graphic design for printed marketing materials, the creation of a logo for your lab or your company, graphical abstracts, charts and diagrams for grant proposals, stationery and letterhead, custom slide decks, or even basic vector graphics like icons.

3. General Creative Services

This category covers almost everything else. Do you have a finished slide deck that you just want to look a bit more refined? A resume or CV that needs to be spruced up? Old patient forms that need a makeover? The advantage of hiring a medical illustrator for these seemingly basic tasks is that they understand your industry, and you'll establish a working relationship with somebody who can seamlessly integrate the other services above into these projects, should those needs arise.


Have a question or need something not listed here? See the FAQ or set up a consultation to discuss additional services.

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